Master suites, sunrooms, and expanded kitchens are top addition requests.

Growing families and growing dreams can each make us feel cramped and unsatisfied with our current home’s size. Not enough bedrooms, bathrooms or spare rooms for guests, office or working out? Many people can’t afford a larger home, or perhaps we like where we live already and don’t want to move.  If only this house was just a bit bigger, right? Is there another way to deal with this issue?


One of the best ways to increase the size of your living space without having to move is to build a new addition onto your current home. This can be a tricky proposition. A homeowner needs to be careful to match the style and shape of the new addition to match or flow seamlessly into the existing house design. We know how to match the addition with what is already there, doing little to the existing structure while making the new section hardly noticeable. Our pros leave our clients free of the stress and bother of permits, design and property-line issues.

Indoor Style and Function

Creating a new space to enlarge your home opens many possibilities for a homeowner who desires creative treatment and style. Of course, it’s common to add an additional bathroom, bedroom or sunroom addition. Trends in newly constructed homes give older homeowners ideas for trendy uses of family spaces.  Need that other office, or how about a media room? Music studios, homeschool classrooms and expanded game areas are now becoming common reasons for additions to older homes. Get creative and think about what kind of new space might enhance your family’s daily life. Our pros can discuss your dream space, provide options and ideas as to the best placement for entrances and walls that will work well with your home’s traffic flow and outside spaces.

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