Building houses with passion

Remodeling and creating new areas for your home can add value, improve function and increase the daily comforts of your life. We believe the artistic vision of a home renovation can best be captured by the hand of an artist. Because of this, before we ever start on your project, you’ll see it come to life in our hand-drawn, color perspective.

We are Specialists in Kitchen and Bath Remodels

We believe in completing our jobs as quickly as possible to minimize the disruption to your home life. By specializing in kitchen and bath home improvements, we offer the highest quality and top value to our customers. We use the best materials and complete the whole job at a reasonable price. To that end, we offer specific types of services to guarantee your results and satisfaction. One of those services is our hand-drawn perspectives, which provides a truly artistic rendering of your project vision, including details that just can’t be captured in digital imaging.


We work with you to improve your kitchen with upgrades of:

    • appliances
    • countertops
    • lighting
    • plumbing fixtures
    • cabinets
    • flooring
    • shelving
    • ventilation
    • workflow
    • seating and serving

We also help with designing completely new floorplans to make better use of the space you have. Changing placements of doorways, taking out walls, taking out or adding in windows – these types of major changes are things we deal with every day. We know what works and what doesn’t.


Evolving style, along with environmental and space concerns make bathrooms the most common room to remodel. Updating porcelain fixtures, adding new water-conserving flush mechanisms, replacing obsolete or dangerous plumbing, enlarging spaces or adding an additional bathroom can be very complicated projects to coordinate. We can do it all easily and painlessly.


Extending an existing indoor space or creating a completely new addition to a building requires experienced planning and coordination. Permits, inspections and understanding property lines are all made easy to deal with when you contract with Derus Home Improvements to expand your living space.



Converting an old porch or building a completely new space can add lots of new living space to your home that incorporates plenty of natural light. Like any other building project, we can make this a headache-free project so permits and coordinating services won’t be a problem.

Call us at 414-530-0710 to discuss your renovation or home addition needs.

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